Trends in Mobile AppDevelopment for 2020


When it comes to mobile application technology, it has developed our way of life in the modern world. Just look around and you will find people doing something on your smartphone. There is no cab service and no food is ordering. A man is listening to the music playing in the subway and a girl is chatting with a boyfriend on a Messenger app. A teenager is playing her favourite sport on her smartphone and a professional is checking her email.

The mobile app has given the world a change and it's not over yet. With the introduction of new technologies such as knitting, Internet of Things, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, mobile apps will bring you more prosperity and luxury in the coming future.

With each passing day, thousands of mobile apps are uploaded to the Play Store, which is unique to users. Whether it is an online pedometer or brand-new online shopping app, they are definitely bringing more fun and speed in your life.

2018 is about to come to an end and therefore, we have prepared a list of mobile application development trends that are going to rule in 2020. We have seen some of these trends in 2018 too. In the era of throat cut competition, it is better to prepare themselves with such new techniques and trends that have a competitive edge on others. Let's see:

Instant Mobile Pages via APM and EMM

The performance of mobile apps is very important because users are actually like an app with poor performance, speed and errors. App Performance Management (APM) was integrated into Google in 2016 to eliminate app performance issues and other issues.

This is one of the most important mobile app performance metrics used by developers and app testers. This simply increases the overall performance of the app and gives users a great time. Superior Performance means more time on the app which ultimately meets the business objective.

Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) enables employees to strengthen the security within the enterprise and improve overall performance by integrating and streamlining business processes in the application. Employees who end their office dependence can work from mobile.

AMP and EMM are definitely going to become a staple in the coming future because they improve mobility and performance to provide more ease for users.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

There are no new words for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Technocrat. In the new era of mobile app development, AI and ML actually go hand in hand. There are some examples of Microsoft Cortana, Siri, Google Duplex, SwiftKey AI and Hound machine learning and AI technology.

According to research done by IDC, more than 75% of employees using ERP solution will go for Artificial Intelligence to promote their professional performance and overall productivity. Chatbots are not offering product recommendations only to users; They help users make decisions by chatting with them.

Apart from this, AI, when integrated into the mobile app with machine learning, provides valuable insights about users' behaviors, patterns, likes, dislikes, browsing history and many other important things that help you create Optimized proposal for them. You can simplify the services and processes with the help of users, if users need some form of suggestions or guidance.

Growing on-demand applications

According to the survey, 86.5 million Americans use on-demand applications for various services and let me know, this is not a small number. In recent years, on-demand apps are growing rapidly. In the mobile app development market, there are clearly in-demand applications in other categories.

You will see a huge increase in on-demand mobile applications in various business areas such as transport, food, grocery, automobile, and other areas. It has been learned that on-demand applications have tremendous revenue potential and we will definitely see entrepreneurs taking advantage of this exciting opportunity.

There will be more options for on-demand services in the market and for consumers; Choosing from multiple players for services will be a good sign.

Iot and Wearable

Internet of Things is one of the most revolutionary techniques that will give a change to the world. Just imagine how it will be when you connect and interact with any device that comes to your mind, including light, TV, fridge, car, speakers, home locks, clocks and more. You will control these devices and you can command them according to your wishes. Daily work will not be a burden for you because these IoT connected devices will help you do such a thing.

Also, these IoT devices can also exchange data and do not require human dependence. According to industry experts, IoT technology will definitely become an integral part of industries like health, education, e-commerce, medical, construction and transportation. Kohler Warda Smart Mirror and Nest Smart Home are two examples of IoT technology.

According to the Statista, total sales of the world's wearables will reach $ 33.78 billion by 2019. With the introduction of cost-effective variants that are readily available to end users, vieables will definitely work wonders because people are becoming more health-conscious.


Augmented reality is a rich experience where real-world objects are enlarged by the information generated by the computer with various methods. The most popular game, Pokémon Go was nothing but the best example of augmented reality, which implicated the image in the user's mind.

On the other hand, virtual reality is a real-world environment that is created with computer software using various senses and feedback. The environment is similar to the real world that the user will believe in it.

In 2020, the use of AR and VR technology will definitely skyrocket, as they provide users with excellent comfort and entertainment. Even some social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat are now using AR technology as AR integrated filters to give users various digital characters.

The healthcare industry will also look at the use of AR and VR technology to perform complex surgeries and operations.

Mobile app developers are expected to use these techniques so that the app can get a more realistic experience. Sketches, Gopro VR and Wizard Academy are some examples of mobile apps with integrated AR & R technology.

Cloud integration

Mobile applications have some extraordinary advantages of cloud integration. It offers extra security and great app performance. In addition, it also increases overall productivity.

Cloud integration is actually a system of various tools and technologies. It connects an app or a system to the repository and enables the data exchange. It can be accessed with many active devices from various devices to perform various tasks.

In the coming years, cloud computing will not be an option, but it is mandatory for top mobile app development agencies.

Cloud technology reduces operational and hosting costs and provides users with additional storage space. With cloud computing, you do not have to worry about security concerns because the possibility of security violation will be very low. This improves the performance of the app and makes it more reliable and faster.

In 2020, you will see at most cloud integrated apps to provide better app performance.

Instant app

One of the most challenging things is that wait for the app to be installed on your device, is not it? Occasionally, apps capture more storage on your device, resulting in the device getting damaged. In 2016, instant applications came into existence and were not seen backwards. In a short span of 2 years, they became so popular all over the world.

Instant apps are native apps that do not require installation. This will save your phone memory. In addition, these apps perform brilliantly and provide a better experience to users.

Blockchain technology

According to the report submitted by Allied Market Research, global blockchain distributed account market will reach $ 5,430 million by 2023. Blockchain technology is not a new word for technocrat. In fact, for the last 2 years this has become a familiar name associated with cryptocurrencies.

It has already proved its worth in the financial sector in the form of decentralized currency and in other areas there is a possibility of being employed in the healthcare sector in particular. Innovation is taking place in blockchain technology and this will undoubtedly skyrocket in 2020.

Mobile payment gateway

The days went when you used to pay with your credit or debit card. It is very traditional now. Now, it's time to start the payment app for M-Commerce. These paid apps are smart, fast and convenient for users because they can make payments directly from their smartphone. According to the BI report, by 2020, in-store payments will reach $ 503 billion.

Google has launched a Google Pay service, through which you can make payments directly to the card saved in your Google Account. This is a simple and convenient way to pay.

Google Mobile App Payments crossed the $ 700 million mark in 2017. This is an increase of approximately $ 500 million in just four years.

In-App Search Feature

Users always seek convenience while using any mobile app, and if you fail to submit it, you are simply ruined. You have seen in-app search feature in many apps like Gmail, YouTube and Facebook. This element is extremely important as it provides users with the ultimate convenience to search for users, groups, videos and other important features.

In 2020, you will definitely see more and more apps with the in-app search feature to increase user experience standards.

Geolocation and motion sensing

There are different apps in your smartphone which are integrated location sensing technology. However, in recent times, you will see almost all apps with this technology and have some great benefits associated with it. If the app is equipped with motion sensing, then it can help to overcome problems like security and theft. This vehicle is also useful for navigation, fitness and other applications.

Beacon Technology

Beacon technology is already used in various electronic devices and it is actually a Bluetooth radio transmitter that transmits single signal at regular intervals. If any device equipped with Bluetooth is in range then beacon can see the signal.

Traditionally, beacon technology is used to attract new customers and send notifications for offers and events. However, in 2020, you will see different other uses of Beacon Technology. Beacon will be used at airports, stations and other public places to give users more intuitive information.


That was all! Mobile applications have become an integral part of our lives that help us to do various things like shopping, ordering food, playing games, paying bills, joining people and getting relevant information. Users are searching for mobile apps that have an attractive design, improved navigation, and streamlined functionality. Mobile app developers need to make sure that the main objective of the application is to solve it with great ease and ease.

Mobile app development trends will definitely boost overall performance and user experience to a great extent.