How Well The E-Learning Apps Blaze Their Train During Covid-19?



The rise of digital media had a strong influence on uplifting the online education industry. People have adopted the online learning way in their daily routine after the imposed lockdown due to COVID-19. The schools, universities and big businesses are working remotely. The online education market is expected to rise at $350 billion by 2025 according to Research and Markets forecasts. See more.

Ionic vs. Flutter: Know The Best Features, Pros-Cons To Develop Apps Across Platforms


Ionic as a front end user interface framework for developing apps across platforms is relatively experienced but is not as performant as Flutter in the market. Powerful CLI, adaptive styling and UI components, live to reload, and integrations are the features to look out for during hybrid app development. The resultant applications are out-of-the-box, blazing-fast, have a small footprint, with accelerated transitions, touch-optimized gestures, pre-rendering and AOT compiling. It applies to all the latest mobile devices. Alternatively, the Lesser cost of development, Faster and Easier Testing, Lower Learning Curve, High Performance and Efficient, Firebase as the Backend makes Flutter an unequalled and ahead-of-time app development framework to make the development process of start-ups and low-budget projects easier. Here is an intrinsic look into the two frameworks.


Top AngularJS App Development Companies


If you are in search of AngularJS App Development Companies to finalize development partner for your next AngularJS App Development project in 2020, your search ends here App Development Agency revealed a report of world’s top AngularJS Development Companies. Browse this list and choose the best AndroidJS Developer. See more.

Top React Native App Development Companies



ADA has carefully curated a list of React Native app development companies that are suitable for cross-platform app development that provide cost-effective, native like apps for Android and iPhone users. This research includes the best agencies from across the globe. Head start towards the best service provider by picking from this list. See more.

Top PHP Development Companies


Top PHP development companies have been enticing customers worldwide with this extremely powerful and open source programming language. It has a gamut of features and lots of user friendly frameworks that can be employed for use by web applications. Trusted top PHP development companies have been making use of PHP as lot of documentation is available and there is no scarcity of libraries and frameworks. See more.

Top Android App Development Companies 2020


Hiring Android app developers from full-scale app development agencies is wiser than hiring any independent developers.The former are more dependable and effectual communicators than the latter. If you’re in search of a competent Android app development company, AppDevelopmentAgency has a curated list ready for you. You will surely make a perfect app development partner from this list of top Android app development companies.

Flutter vs. React Native: Which One to Consider for Your Next Cross-Platform App?


Flutter applications do look like their native counterparts, however, they have all that is required to create a cross-platform app. React Native has always been considered as the de-facto for development across platforms, but this is becoming a faded reality now. Here is an illustrative explanation of what sets both these technologies apart. There are many more intrinsic differences, which can be covered in the future as the discussion scales up. See more.

Top iPhone App Development Companies


Changing the face of iPhone application market, the iPhone app development companies are putting their heart and souls in developing iPhone apps are making that like a minute in downloads, taking your business to the smarter and more agile audience. To understand your customer at length and serve them better, an iPhone app is the solution. With such a lucrative market, you really can’t afford to lose on to enhancing your customer base and profits. If you don’t have an iPhone app yet, its time to take it seriously. See more