Importance of Progressive Web Apps in 2019

Almost every business is exceeding its marketing skills for mobile devices. Access to users' mobile devices is more powerful on the mind-set of the consumer. Before that, the question was whether they should do this, which has moved a little to the left so that they should do it. To implement your mobile-based marketing strategy, you have three ways to go. The first is to create a responsive website, build original application development and the third progressive web app. Today, leaving the original app behind, the industry is heading towards the progressive web app. However, PWA does not reduce the experience and reach of native applications, but provides speed, engagement, reliability and performance with the perfect fusion for future solutions.

To support PWA, there are several powerful tools in it as follows:


React is the powerful platform for core work. It is managed and supported by Facebook, which enhances its reliability and longevity in the market. Additionally, it is tested by 1.18 million users daily. Its other components allow React Native, React to be made native by applications, which make it the preferred choice of development. It uses component-centric approach, where component created using Javascript can be used again. In addition, you are able to render the application to different operating systems, devices, and browsers.


Polymer is an open source Google project, which reduces time to set progressive web apps. The polymer template takes advantage of synchronization with open source projects. The PRPL pattern of the polymer template delivers customized app delivery to the device. The developer can use the HTTP2 server to deliver on-demand resources. Polymer templates are best to develop prototypes where you can start project coding immediately, leaving custom setup.


Progressive, complex and frontend powered web apps are comfortable with webpack. The webpack is unbeatable when it talks about creating a dependency graph in the SWIFT mode for the development of progressive web apps. However, this is notorious for its bit-trick learning curve, yet this best module bundle will ever get you with the elimination of managed dependency requirements.

Knock out

Knockout is recommended for small progressive web apps, where the speed of execution is important. Knockout combines with Javascript, and lets you handle MVVM (model-view-view-model) bond. At the time of design sprint, knockout can be used for proof of concepts and HTML and temporary expansion.


Web development services are incomplete without proper monitoring. Lighthouse can be installed as a Chrome plug-in to monitor performance. With Lighthouse, you get detailed analytical reports for many subdivisions, which include a specific technique that can be modified or added to increase the performance of progressive web apps. Lighthouse comes with optimal performance through guides on the right path and testing your websites.

Progressive web app VS NATIVE APP

Progressive web app is the current trend and is going to bring a significant jump in 2019. It is still to see if it is actually an effect of creating a trend or normal open and closed matter. Although native applications have some great advantages, of which there is still a lack of progressive apps, there are many things that rank in the progressive app.

Device Discrimination

The most viable is the scope of availability. With a native app, your audience gets limited. Both mobile operating systems governing on the market, Android and iPhone, both have their own loyal users, while with PWA running, you enjoy 100 per cent access with your universal tool. Windows is now limited to web development services, so it's no longer a matter of thinking.

Swift integration

Android integration is better with PWA which does not provide iOS. Compared to native app and progressive app, Android integration is equally good. Home screen installation is simple and straightforward on Android. When a user uses PWA on their Android browser, it is asked to install on the Home screen, which provides quick access. IOS devices also support installation of PWA on home screen, but there is no quick sign, which can tell the user that this is a viable option. In addition, iOS also does not provide any explicit instructions for the process.

Functionality with iOS

The PWA is compatible with iOS at a certain level, which sometimes feels lower than Android, but whatever the side it does is thanks to Apple. Apple took its latest step with the support of service worker in Safari, which is a major improvement. If you employ a PWA developer, then he can explain how important this change is.

The one thing that still lacks is push notification which is a major inspection. An optional device that gives apples is a notification message, but if your development needs have push notification, then go for a basic app.


With PWA, the user will not receive location-based information. The Progressive Web App and native app provide a similar feature with a large difference of the PWA app that does not support location-based notifications. Right now, this progressive web app is a major hurdle for development, but with the increase in technology later, it can be twisted. However, PWA allows you to send push notifications according to targeted factors such as country and city. Therefore, the growth is always there.

SEO Availability

Once you have employed PWA developer and run your app, then search ability is a problem that needs to be checked and resolved as soon as possible. SEO helps businesses in their fledgling period, helping customers know more about you. PWA search engines are focused on questions. App store optimization lacks the power of traditional SEO, which is an important issue in 2019.

Last Wards

In 2019, the trends are rapidly changing; the requirements are increasing and are continuously shifted to the other side. Progressive web apps have not yet been fully developed, but there is no doubt that it has powerful platforms, sound development and gradually replaced by original apps. Why go for a partial market segment, when you can target for the full part of the food. In 2019, on the basis of exponential growth in its strength every day, the PWA has already given a challenge to native applications.

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